Advancing the circular economy is the path to a more sustainable environment and an equitable society.

And we believe the charitable reuse sector can lead the way.

Charitable Reuse Australia is the national network of charitable purpose-driven reuse enterprises.

We represent the collective interests of charitable reuse enterprises through advocacy, capacity-building, education and impact measurement.

For over 140 years, these charity and social enterprise retailers have been pioneering the concept of circularity  – before it was even officially named.

Our member enterprises:

  • have decades of experience in the collection and sale of donated goods.
  • already extend the life of 285 million products a year.
  • have an existing – and unrivalled – network of sites that span metropolitan, regional and remote Australia.
  • are firmly embedded in their communities, actively employing people and generating funds to support a range of social welfare programs.

Put simply? They are uniquely placed to champion the circular economy and drive its uptake in Australia.

Our member enterprises are already leaders in this space and as Australia’s largest reuse network, we act as their mouthpiece.

  • We stand for an Australia that champions the circular economy and sends zero waste to landfill.

    We believe this will create a better future for all Australians.

Charitable Reuse Australia collaborates with our member enterprises to:

  • Build the capacity and financial sustainability of charity and social enterprise retailers
  • Measure the subsequent social, environmental and economic benefits of the charitable second hand economy
  • Translate this data-driven impact measurement into a clear, compelling case for circularity in how we produce, consume and dispose of goods
  • Advocate for government and community investment in reuse, innovation and the charitable reuse sector
  • Educate consumers on how to donate responsibly and how and why they should shop with charity and social enterprise retailers

Regardless of the method of engagement, Charitable Reuse Australia’s goal is always the same.

We connect the dots between charitable reuse enterprises, government and consumers, so we can collaborate for a sustainable, equitable future.

Our member enterprises include every influential charity and social enterprise retail brand in Australia.

These include The Salvation Army, St Vincent de Paul Society, Australian Red Cross, Save the Children, Lifeline, Anglicare, RSPCA, Uniting, Good Sammy Enterprises, Red Nose, Uniting, Brotherhood of St Laurence, Family Life, Sacred Heart Mission, Ted Noffs, Helping Hands, Outlook Victoria, Endeavour Foundation, Diabetes, Epilepsy Foundation, Alinea, Link Vision and dozens more.

We drive and support this collective network, as leaders in reuse and circularity.

We operate on a national, state and local level.

Charitable Reuse Australia is run by a Board, including Directors in every state.

We make it a priority to cultivate a local connection to all members. This association structure enables us to understand our members’ interests, opportunities and challenges on a grassroots level.

The National Association of Charitable Recycling Organisations Limited is a company limited by guarantee, operating under ASIC and trading as Charitable Reuse Australia.
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