Our membership, partnership and supporter programs help charitable reuse enterprises build their operational capacity and scale their impact.

For over a century, charitable reuse enterprises have pioneered circular economy thinking.

In particular, these principles are best observed in the operations of charity and social enterprise retailers.

It’s their collection, repurposing and sale of donated goods that fuels Australia’s second-hand economy.  As our country’s largest reuse network, Charitable Reuse Australia represents many of these charitable reuse enterprises.

We believe they are uniquely placed to elevate circular economy thinking and drive its uptake in Australia.

On behalf of our members, partners and supporters Charitable Reuse Australia:

  • helps charity and social enterprise retailers grow their revenue, so they can funnel their profits into their charitable mission and purpose
  • shows charity and social enterprise retailers how to improve their operations from a sustainability perspective
  • advocates for increased government funding to mitigate the financial burden of illegal dumping and the associated costs of waste disposal and site management
  • educates consumers on how to donate responsibly and why shopping at charity and social enterprise retailers is affordable, sustainable and ethical
  • builds a business case for increased government investment in reuse innovation on a regional level

We know we’re doing something right because we are:

  • Saving our members $4 million in waste management costs

  • Operating with a 98% membership retention rate and influencing State Government policy to support the sector

  • Securing live national on-air TV exposure and interviews, with the likes of ABC News Breakfast, Channel 9 News, Weekend Sunrise, A Current Affair, Channel 7 News, ABC News Sydney and ABC News Brisbane

Charitable Reuse Australia provides the support, advice and advocacy reuse enterprises need to thrive. Our member, partner and supporter programs deliver real returns to the reuse enterprises in our network.

The National Association of Charitable Recycling Organisations Limited is a company limited by guarantee, operating under ASIC and trading as Charitable Reuse Australia.
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