NACRO has launched a Victorian campaign on responsible donating targeting consumers, through radio and posters. The positive reinforcement campaign with a tagline of ‘Be Part of the Solution’ seeks to inform and inspire consumers to donate responsibly to charities. The campaign is funded by NACRO through income received from the charitable component of Metro Trains Melbourne’s (MTM) donation bin network, and reached approximately 82% of Victorians over the busy New Year donating period.

NACRO would also like to acknowledge the SCRGroup for their role in managing the MTM donation bin/hub network, and thank them for their collaboration with NACRO.

Click here to listen to NACRO’s radio advertisement promoting responsible donating in Victoria.

NACRO commends the Victorian Government on its commitment to developing a circular economy policy and the release of its Issues Paper for consultation.

NACRO is delighted to submit the attached feedback outlining the importance of the charitable reuse, recycling and retail sector as both early adopters of circular economy principals, and as charitable organisations with a full social licence. The sector contributes perhaps the greatest triple bottom line impact for Victoria in terms of the social, environmental and economic benefits it delivers.

We look forward to working together with the Victorian Government to transform to the circular economy – as a sustainable, prosperous, zero waste, low carbon-emitting economy that also serves the best interests of people, not just in Victoria, but around our planet.

NACRO Incorporating Zero Waste Network has been invited to provide feedback to the Victorian Government’s Circular Economy issues paper released this week.

Charitable reuse, recycling and retail organisations are perfectly positioned to both support, and benefit from, the transition into a circular economy that will grow our economy, increase jobs and reduce impacts on the environment. Directly, as more consumers embrace reuse, it will also drive more sales for charity op shops and not-for-profit community reuse outlets.

All members are encouraged to participate in the consultation, either directly at or with feedback to NACRO, which we will incorporate into our formal submission to the Victorian Government via DELWP.

DELWP has also asked us that if NACRO Inc ZWN members have initiatives they would like to share, to go to

The circular economy is also the keynote topic at NACRO’s Annual Conference in Melbourne on 14-15 October, and all charitable reuse and recycling organisations are encouraged to attend, and be part of this important conversation for us all to use materials more efficiently and avoid waste in all stages of making, using and disposing of the products and infrastructure we rely on every day.