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Interested in learning more about the circular economy?

We’ve collated a series of resources and research papers that explore the role the charitable reuse and recycling enterprises play in driving its update in Australia and the world.

You can also learn more about strategies to divert waste from landfill, the impact of illegal dumping and the ways you can support circularity in your home and community.

Read our introduction to the circular economy here.

You can also access specific resources for your State or Territory via the quick links below:

Charity Shops Call for Responsible Approach to Donating under COVID-19

Whilst more Australians impacted by COVID-19 are finding themselves in dire need, many charity op shops are being forced to close, creating a perfect storm. Funding is down but calls for assistance up.
April 2, 2020/by Charitable Recycling

NACRO Integrates Zero Waste Network to Promote Charitable Reuse and Recycling in Australia

Today, NACRO’s offer to integrate and merge the Zero Waste…
July 12, 2019/by Charitable Recycling

Deakin University finds a solution to closing the loop for denim

Frontier Materials (IFM) will put a new spin on vintage denim jeans, all in the name of reducing the huge environmental impact in the life cycle of the world’s most popular clothing item...
April 19, 2019/by Charitable Recycling

Improved waste management of textiles – Environmentally improved recycling. Sweden 2011

In Sweden, we consume 15kg of textiles per capita and year. Of this roughly 8kg are incinerated and 3kg are reused by charity organisations...
April 1, 2019/by Charitable Recycling

Queensland Waste Levy and Charity Exemptions

The Queensland Government has released a comprehensive paper outlining the process for introducing a waste levy, which includes an exemptions system.
July 4, 2018/by Charitable Recycling

$800,000 Boost for the Landfill Levy Relief Program

Government's 'Delivering a New Plan for the Future of Recycling' media release
July 3, 2018/by Charitable Recycling

89% of Australians Want Government to Act on Recycling

Consumer polling conducted by Crosby Textor shows that 89% of people support governments taking more action to create a sustainable recycling industry.
April 30, 2018/by Charitable Recycling

WA Charitable Recyclers Dumping Program

The Department of Water and Environmental Regulation in WA has advised that applications are now open for the charitable recyclers dumping reduction program.
April 4, 2018/by Charitable Recycling

NSW Illegal Dumping Strategy 2017-21

The NSW Government is committed to reducing all types of illegal dumping across the state by 30% by 2020. This includes the illegal dumping on charities
April 4, 2018/by Charitable Recycling

Data on Australian exports of used clothing

ABS data in 2016-17 showed Australian exports of “worn clothing and other worn textile articles” was 93,502,966 kilos.
February 1, 2018/by Charitable Recycling

Interested in data on used clothing trade around the world

The Observatory of Economic Complexity is a tool that allows users to quickly compose a visual narrative about countries and the products they exchange.
January 28, 2018/by Charitable Recycling

86% of Australians prefer buying secondhand goods – Gumtree report

Gumtree's annual Second Hand Economy Report, conducted by Galaxy Research in August 2017 is based on a survey of 1004 adults, aged 18 to 64.
January 25, 2018/by Charitable Recycling

Landmark report – Does your donation count or cost?

Does your donation count or cost? Understanding donating and dumping behaviours and their impacts for Queensland charities.
January 1, 2018/by Charitable Recycling

A new textiles economy: Redesigning fashion’s future

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s new report “A new textiles economy: Redesigning fashion's future´ confirms members’ views...
December 13, 2017/by Charitable Recycling

RESYNTEX a research project which aims to create a new circular economy concept for the textile and chemical industries

RESYNTEX is a research project which aims to create a new circular economy concept for the textile and chemical industries.
December 13, 2017/by Charitable Recycling

Fashion at the crossroads by Greenpeace

Greenpeace released a report, Fashion at the Crossroad, at the Milan Fashion Week 2017...
September 13, 2017/by Charitable Recycling

WRAP (Waste and Resources Action Programme)

Waste and Resources Action Programme was set up in the UK in 2000 to promote sustainable waste management...
July 13, 2017/by Charitable Recycling

ABC’s War on Waste

In the third episode of ABC’s “War on Waste,” Craig Reucassel explored the impact that fast fashion has on our environment...
May 13, 2017/by Charitable Recycling

A little story about the monsters in your closet

An investigation by Greenpeace in 2014 found a broad range of hazardous chemicals in children’s clothing and footwear across a number of major clothing brands, including fast fashion, sportswear and luxury brands.
December 13, 2015/by Charitable Recycling

Victorian Landfill Levy Relief Program 3

Illegal dumping is a persistent problem across Australia, imposing significant costs on those affected...
January 21, 2015/by Charitable Recycling

Graphic and disturbing video of pilfering from charity Op Shops

This video from 2013 captures the extent of pilfering is endured by charity op shops...
January 21, 2014/by Charitable Recycling

NACRO Code of Practice

Private and public land managers are urged to support charity…
December 10, 2013/by Charitable Recycling

Toxic threads: polluting paradise

A story of big brands and water pollution in Indonesia.
May 13, 2013/by Charitable Recycling

Maximising Reuse and Recycling of UK Clothing and Textiles – 2009

Undertaken in 2009 in the UK , this project was commissioned…
December 1, 2009/by Charitable Recycling
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