Victorian Landfill Levy Relief Program 2020-23

The Victorian Government is providing financial relief through Charitable Recycling Australia, to charities impacted by illegal dumping.

The objectives of the Landfill Levy Relief Program are to:test

  • Reduce the financial impact of illegal dumping on charitable recyclers by providing immediate financial relief

  • Support charitable recyclers during a time of unstable resource recovery markets

  • Improve the capacity of charitable recyclers to devote resources to core social work

  • Enable charitable recyclers to continue to reduce waste to landfill through preventing illegal dumping and increasing recycling.

Approved applicants for the Victorian Landfill Levy Relief Program, administered by Charitable Recycling Australia of behalf of the State of Victoria through the Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning may complete and return the Claim Form to claim financial relief for the following quarters:

2020 – 2021

  • Q1 July to Sept 2020
    (Claim due 23 Oct 2020)

  • Q2 Oct to Dec 2020
    (Claim due 28 Jan 2021)

  • Q3 Jan to Mar 2021
    (Claim due 23 Apr 2021)

  • Q4 Apr to June 2021
    (Claim due 23 Jul 2021)

2021 – 2022

  • Q1 July to Sept 2021
    (Claim due 25 Oct 2021)

  • Q2 Oct to Dec 2021
    (Claim due 29 Jan 2022)

  • Q3 Jan to Mar 2022
    (Claim due 29 Apr 2022)

  • Q4 Apr to Jun 2022
    (Claim due 27 Jul 2022)

2022 – 2023

  • Q9 July to Sept 2022
    (Claim due 28 Oct 2022)

  • Q10 Oct to Dec 2022
    (Claim due 27 Jan 2023)

  • Q11 Jan to Mar 2023
    (Claim due 28 Apr 2023)

  • Q12 Apr to June 2023
    (Claim due 28 Jul 2023)

Charitable recycling organisations wishing to apply for inclusion in the program are encouraged to contact Charitable Recycling Australia directly for more information on the eligibility criteria and methodology for claiming relief.


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