More than 76,000 Australians volunteer their time to support charity and social enterprise shops.

Volunteering is a fantastic way to advance the circular economy and contribute to causes you care about.

Alongside their generous donations, plenty of Australians offer their time, talent and energy to charitable reuse and recycling enterprises across the country.

This is particularly the case at charity and social enterprise shops, which are predominantly staffed by volunteers.

By volunteering their time to contribute to causes they care about, Australians are:

  • prioritising reuse and recycling on a local level
  • giving back to their community in a tangible way
  • ensuring that charity and social enterprise retailers can drive revenue back into charitable and social welfare programs
  • advancing the circular economy in our country, through grassroots action

All volunteers have unique skills and something amazing to offer. Whether they have previous experience and qualifications or not, there are always ways they can be of service.

Roles can include collection, sorting, administration, maintenance, driving, management and fundraising.


Are you interested in a career in the charitable reuse and recycling sector?

Increasingly, charitable reuse and recycling enterprises are looking to employ talented professionals to advance their organisations.

By enlisting this kind of expertise, experience and qualification, they can grow their profile, attract more material and monetary donations and generate more revenue to serve their charitable mission.

If you’re someone who is passionate about reuse, recycling and circularity, we encourage you to seek out specialist roles with any of our member enterprises.

For employment and volunteering opportunities and to see their COVID-Safe protocols, contact any of our member enterprises directly.

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