NSW Community Service Exemption

The New South Wales Government has held a long-standing waste levy exemption for charities and not-for-profit groups performing a community service that involves the collection or receipt of waste. The exemption provides for a wider definition of eligible community service organisations:

  • The waste must have been collected or received in accordance with a community service or activity that benefits the NSW community or environment

  • The activity must have been undertaken voluntarily or not for profit and with no commercial interest

  • The applicant must demonstrate that they have explored opportunities to minimise the generation and/or reuse of the waste

  • The waste must be self-hauled by the community service organisation to an EPA-licensed landfill

Charitable Reuse Australia is currently in collaborative discussions with the NSW Government on pro-active recommendations on how the exemption may be extended to include contractor-hauled charitable reuse waste. One of the options being reviewed is the feasibility of a weight-based billing tender, which promises to provide transparency of billing and the clear identification of exempt waste tonnage, regardless of how they are transported.

Contact Charitable Reuse Australia for more information or click here for the EPA website.

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