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Please find below a range of resources related to the Circular Economy, maximising reuse, encouraging recycling and managing waste within Australia.

Charitable Recycling Austalia’s commends the Government on launching its inquiry into Australia’s Waste Management and Recycling Industries.

In particular, its focus on innovative solutions to ensure Australia responds to global recycling market changes and identifies ways to effectively reduce waste, and accelerate reuse, repair and recycling while creating new jobs, growth and social inclusion.

Charitable Recycling Austalia is committed to supporting and partnering with the Government in accelerating innovative solutions, with specific emphasis on our area of influence and authority, and has lodged this submission.

Charitable Recycling Austalia’s submission has been approved for publication by the Government, and is also available live on the Inquiry website.

Charitable Recycling Austalia’s 3-Point Plan to tackle Illegal Dumping at Charities

Charitable Recycling Austalia is calling on all Australian governments to invest just $10 for every tonne of illegally dumped and unusable donations that charities have to send to landfill each year.

With that investment from each State Government matched by the Federal Government, we can end dumping at charities through three proven interventions.

Please see Charitable Recycling Austalia’s policy position and 3-Point Plan here.

DCCEEW Resource Recovery Reference Group

In our capacity as members of the Resource Recovery Reference Group,Charitable Recycling Australia has been invited to an all-day strategic policy workshop where members will discuss:

  • Designing out waste across the economy
  • National framework for traceability in recycled content
  • Strengthening the National Waste Policy Action Plan to include the circular economy

Charitable Recycling Australia applauds this exciting new initiative from DCCEEW to include the Circular Economy within policy, and we look forward to contributing to the discussions and articulating the role, impact and benefits of reuse as part of this.

Charitable Recycling Australia encourages all State Governments to run similar strategy days to include the Circular Economy by integrating highest and best use interventions like reuse and repair into their policy development plans.


National Waste Report 2022

POLICY: National Waste Policy
Less Waste, More Resources – 2018
Letter from the Minister for the Environment commending Charitable Recycling Australia’s work to reduce textile waste.

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If you are aware of other relevant Federal Government resources not included on these pages, please get in touch. Omer Soker, CEO omer@charitablerecycling.org.au 0401 099 821

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